Type 2 Platform Editorial policy & objectives

Art. 1. Objectives

  1. The Type 2 Inflammation Platform (www.inflammation-type2.org) is published by Medicom Medical Publishers. The primary target group for the Inflammation Type 2 Platform are medical specialists in the fields of Respiratory Medicine, Allergy, ENT, Dermatology and Gastroenterology.

  2. The objective of the platform is to help advance the knowledge about Type 2 inflammation amongst medical specialists in in a multidisciplinary way. This is done by providing a selection of clinically relevant manuscripts and other materials on this topic.

Art. 2. Editorial independence

  1. Type 2 Inflammation Platform has an Advisory Board consisting of a Chair, and 2 additional members from complementary expertise fields. The composition of the Advisory Board is decided upon at the end of each academic year (May).

  2. The publisher respects and guarantees the editorial independence of the Type 2 Inflammation Platform. The Advisory Board determines what is published and does this without external influence.  It uses the following criteria:
    • Academic and journalistic quality
    • Clinical, Scientific and Socio-economic relevance 

Art. 3. Editorial process

  1. The Advisory Board suggests experts, article topics or other content to be selected for the platform.
  2. Medicom will contact the selected experts, and create the content on the selected topics.
  3. Each content item is approved by the expert involved, or by a member of the Advisory Board, particularly on the scientific accuracy and medical conclusions.