About the Type 2 Inflammation platform

Objective of Type 2 Inflammation Platform

The objective of the platform is to help advance the knowledge about Type 2 inflammation amongst medical specialists in Respiratory Medicine, Allergy, ENT, Dermatology and Gastroenterology in a multidisciplinary way. This is done by providing a selection of clinically relevant manuscripts and other materials on this topic.

With our increasing knowledge on the underlying mechanisms of diseases and subsets, in the last decade, several disease phenotypes and endotypes have been characterised and targeted therapies have been developed/are in several phases of clinical development. Therefore, a proper understanding of the Type 2 inflammation (T2I) and its clinical implications have become urgently needed among health care professionals.

Responsibility for the Platform

The Type 2 Inflammation Platform is set up by Medicom Medical Publishers. Medicom is the owner and creator of the platform in close collaboration of the Advisory Board.

The independent Advisory Board of the Platform, chaired by the Scientific Editor, has the final editorial responsibility for the Platform, and oversees all scientific content that is published on it, in line with the Editorial Statute of the Platform.