1-Minute Summary: Management of severe asthma: a European Respiratory Society/American Thoracic Society guideline

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Prof. Fernando Holguin
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University of Colorado
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European Respiratory Journal

In 2014, the first guidelines for the treatment of severe asthma in children and adults were composed by the European Respiratory Society/American Thoracic Society (ERS/ATS) [1]. Since 2017, a multidisciplinary Task Force of asthma experts, co-chaired by Dr Fernando Holguin and Dr Andy Bush, has worked on an updated version. The Task Force made 6 recommendations that were not addressed in the previous guideline (See Table), with a particular focus on new treatment options for severe eosinophilic asthma, such as anti-IL-4Rα, anti-IL5, or IL-5Rα antibodies, biomarkers for anti-IgE therapy, and the use of long-acting muscarinic antagonists, and macrolides [2].

Targeting IL5

IL5 drives eosinophilic inflammation; consequently, targeting either IL5 (mepolizumab, reslizumab) or its receptor IL-5Rα (benralizumab) has demonstrated efficacy in reducing exacerbations and hospitalisation of patients with severe eosinophilic asthma in 12 randomised controlled trials [3,4,5,6,7].

IgE treatment indicators.

Based on the results from 3 randomised trials a blood eosinophil cut-off of ⩾260/µL was suggested to guide initiation of anti-IgE treatment. Additionally, a fractional exhaled nitric oxide fraction cut-off (FeNO ⩾19.5 ppb) identified adolescents or adults with the greatest likelihood of response to anti-IgE therapy [8,9,10].

Muscarinic antagonists.

In total, 5 randomised controlled trials recommended use of long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) tiotropium in children, adolescents and adults with severe asthma. Tiotropium was most effective at treating worsening asthma and in controlling symptoms and exacerbations [11,12,13]


Macrolide antibiotics were previously recommended under the condition that long-term use should be avoided. In 6 recent randomised controlled trials, chronic macrolide treatment showed overall reduction of asthma exacerbations. However, these effects are limited to participants with persistently symptomatic asthma, which may be more exacerbation-prone. Since antimicrobial resistance associated with prolonged antibiotic treatment is a pressing public health issue, this therapy did not meet the ERS/ATS criteria for recommendation for chronic use [14,15,16,17,18,19].

Monoclonal anti-IL-4Rα.

5 randomised controlled trials with different age groups showed that dupilumab, directed against the α subunit of IL-4 receptor, has a positive effect on exacerbations and lung function when used as an add-on therapy to medium-to-high dose inhaled corticosteroids and a long-acting β2 agonist [20,21,22].


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